What is Dimely?

Great question. Dimely comes from a tweet by the wonderfully hilarious @vineyille on June 30th.

@vineyille’s tweet reads:

“This podcast is sponsored by Dimely. Sick of going to the, ugh, BANK for dimes? Dimely has you covered, fresh dimes to your door every day.”

That is where Dimely comes from. Dimely creates possibly cynical, slightly informed opinions on current issues and things we think deserve commentary. Sometimes these issues will be serious cultural and political events, and sometimes we’ll just write about how Jay Electronica still hasn’t released an album. Sometimes posts will be quick takes on important things, and sometimes we’ll write long reads on subjects that are relatively insignificant. We’ll never post clickbait bs, and we’ll never write a stupid fucking listicle like 12 Reasons Rachel is The Best Person on ‘Friends’.

We might use profanity.

Stay tuned for our first full post.



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